At the age of 15, I, Kevin Massie, began my first job as a laborer on a framing carpentry crew.  Since then, I have always enjoyed building, working outdoors and engaged with my hands.  I followed that interest to Virginia Tech, where I completed a degree in civil engineering in 2003.  I worked for four years as a consulting engineer, but I often thought about returning to construction in some form. 

At the same time, I had been volunteering with a non-denominational Christian mission agency called Make Way Partners, traveling to South Sudan to assist with their work.  The need arose for a full time construction project manager, and my wife and I packed up to move to Birmingham, Alabama and later to South Sudan.  The work there was very challenging, as much of the time we lived in a tent and the nearest source for building supplies was hundreds of miles away over paths that would require a liberal definition to be considered a road.  But it was also very rewarding.

In 2011, we returned to the New River Valley and I began work first as a construction superintendent and later as a facility manager.  I started Blue Fox Carpentry because I see a shortage of quality contractors available to service smaller projects and deliver high quality finish details.  I enjoy building relationships with the clients I serve, helping them enjoy their homes. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy cycling and canoeing with my family.  I am also active with Dwelling Place Christian Fellowship.  We reside in Christiansburg.

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Work for Summit Initiatives